Burgundy hair color - burgundy and mahogany. Bright red hair short

Not so long ago, girls chose fiery red or jet black hair color to be noticeable. Now they can be seen less and less, as burgundy took over the palm.

This symbiosis of deep brown and red is not for everyone, but if you are the one for whom it was created, it will give you confidence and instantly take your look to the 80th level of femininity. Find more here: mahogany vs burgundy hair color

The burgundy color resembles wine (by the way, the name of this color was given by one of the varieties of this drink - "Bordeaux"). He makes the hair thicker, and their owner - more mysterious and even a little more fabulous.

Is burgundy hair color right for you?

You are a natural blonde with fair skin. Immediately say no to burgundy: it will make you sickly pale.

Are you naturally fair? You can afford this kind of paint, but choose only muted, light shades.

Your hair is brown or black and your skin is peachy. Your choice is dark scarlet hair.

You are a winter girl: rosy milky or porcelain skin, light (blue, gray, possibly brown eyes), ashy hair . Bordeaux is definitely your color! You can choose the most saturated tone.

Are your skin dark and your eyes brown or green? Great, mahogany color will suit you.

Burgundy hair color: the most popular shades

Bordeaux is not only brown + red, but also purple, red "strings" intertwining in different proportions. The final result of staining depends on the specific number of each color scheme.

Both the masters from the salons and the girls who paint in their own bathroom love these tones most of all:

Pure burgundy

Pure burgundy, classic. Looks like a "soiled" scarlet. It is neutral, therefore it is suitable for owners of both warm and cold beauty.


Burgundy. Another wine shade, this time - a combination of plum and ruby ​​(sometimes with brown "splashes").

Ripe cherry

Ripe cherry color. Not very expressive, purple.

The Red tree

Mahogany color. The strands will have noticeable chestnut tints.


How to wear these colors? It is not necessary to do monochromatic coloring of the entire "mane". If you are dark-haired, do the highlighting with the color you like. For long hair - longitudinally or using the balayage technique (transversely, with darkened at the roots and maximum highlighting at the ends), and for short hair - with feathers.

Bordeaux and fashionable staining techniques

Burgundy ombre is a bright find of modern fashion culture. Important: it should be done on dark hair , and in a gradient. This will make the transition as natural as possible.

Coloring for brown-haired women. Red combined with brown looks very expensive, so craftsmen often recommend mahogany-colored feathers to girls wearing milk chocolate-colored hair. Sometimes fair-haired people also do such coloring - yes, the head looks a bit like a doll, but definitely noticeable.

Red is an ombre with any color of the burgundy line. Dark copper and mahogany colors look especially good on "burning" strands.

What to wear under burgundy hair?

Black clothes. Yes, she looks a little older, but she looks serious and impressive.

Gray things. But remember: hair should be the only "color spot" in the image. All other details (jewelry, bag, shoes, tights) should be selected in dim colors.

Green dresses and suits. To avoid getting a cheap look, avoid light green. Your choice is a deep and not too bright emerald.

Beige. Such things are considered universal “friends” of burgundy color.

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